Three One-Act Plays (1990)

The Mask by H M Harwood and F Tennyson Jesse
A Cut in the Rates by Alan Ayckbourn
Travel Sick by H Connolly

1st – 3rd April 1990

The Mask
A thriller set in Cornwall.

A Cut in the Rates
Dark sinister secrets from an illusionist’s past.

Travel Sick
A family are held up at Gatwick Airport on their way to Spain…

Cut Rates Prog

The Casts

The Mask
James Glasson: Paul Shave
Vashti Glasson: Enid Farr
Nathaniel Strick: Dave Hawkins

Produced by Eric Saxton

A Cut in the Rates
Miss Pickhart: Elizabeth Saxton
Mr Rachett: Eric Saxton
Mrs Rachett: Enid Farr

Produced by Marjorie Treacher

Travel Sick
Rose Tugwood: Mary Warrington
Brian Tugwood: Mike Long
Barbara Tugwood: Helen Saxton
Drunk: Nick Roberts
Check-in Girl: Marianne Smith
John: Ian Hickling
Security Man: Dave Hawkins

Produced by H Connolly

Travel Sick at the Wallingford Festival

Festival Success

Compton Players were awarded the runner-up shield for their performance of H Connolly’s comedy Travel Sick at the Wallingford Festival on Friday evening.

Mr Connolly, who has been a member of the Players for a number of years, had a great success with his first play, Twelfth Man which was first performed by Compton Players and has recently been accepted for publication. His second play, equally funny, revolves around the problems which beset a family en route to Spain when they are stranded at Gatwick airport. The cast included Mike Long, Mary Warrington and Helen Saxton in the leading parts with Ian Hickling, Dave Hawkins, Marianne Smith and Nick Roberts in supporting roles. The play was produced by Mr Connolly with Dave Hawkins as stage manager.

The festival, held in the Wallingford Corn exchange, allows each company only 50 minutes to set up, perform and dismantle their scenario. Fourteen theatre groups competed during the six days of the festival and although Compton’s play was performed last Sunday on the first evening the judges did not make their final decision until Friday when they had seen all of the plays.

The adjudication was given by Mr David Thomas who presented Mr Connolly with the shield for his production, which was highly commended, and urged him to take steps to get his latest play into print. Regular Compton audiences will have an opportunity to see Travel Sick when the company present it as their autumn production.

Newbury Weekly News review

One Set for all acts by Compton Players

Compton Players chose three one-act plays for their latest production. This provided a varied programme, which was well presented , well acted, and most enjoyable.

The first, The Mask by H. M. Harwood and F. Tennyson Jesse, was an atmospheric thriller. The dark set and lighting effect created a claustrophobic feeling to the piece which was just right. Enid Farr, as Neshti Glasson handled her Cornish accent well and was convincing. Both men, however, lacked the passion to make this play really work.

The second offering was A Cut in the Rates by Alan Ayckbourn. This is a neat play, which was the highlight of the evening. Eric Saxton as the “deceased” illusionist and Enid Farr as his ghostly wife were excellent, and Elizabeth Saxton as a neurotic lady from the council was superb.

The third play, written and directed by H Connolly was entitled Travel Sick and the scene was the departure lounge at Gatwick. This was a great idea, and there were some fine moments of comedy. Mary Warrington as the mother did a sterling job, and Mike Long reacted admirably and humorously. The prospect of being delayed at an airport is ghastly – and this brought out the very worst in the characters – at times they were vulgar – but I suppose that was the whole point. I felt the ending was disappointing, perhaps the drunk could have been in the plot!

The ingenious set served all pieces admirably and this was yet another most enjoyable evening from Compton Players.