Three One-Act Plays (2003)

Bill and Bob by H Connolly
Green Favours by Frank Vickery
Pyramus and Thisbe by William Shakespeare

29th April – 3rd May 2003

Bill and Bob
The private life of two fork lift drivers is revealed as they exchange jokes.

Green Favours
A romantic comedy set in a potting shed…

Pyramus and Thisbe
The famous ‘play within a play’ excerpt from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

bill bob triple prog

The Casts

Bill and Bob
Bob: Mike Long
Bill: Dave Hawkins
Maureen: Mary Warrington
Jane: Tracey Pearce

Produced by H Connolly

Green Favours
Tom: Mark Bailey
Valerie : Brenda Prior

Produced by Tracey Pearce

Pyramus and Thisbe
Theseus Duke of Athens: Ian Hickling
Hippolyta, his Duchess: Enid Farr
Philostrate, master of the Revels: Paul Shave
Quince, as Prologue: Eric Saxton
Bottom, as Pyramus: Nick Roberts
Flute, as Thisbe: Jasmine Gartshore
Snout, as Wall: Faye McGeehin
Starveling, as Moonshine: Peter Whitworth
Snug, as Lion: Michael Sheperia

Produced by Eric Saxton

Newbury Weekly News review

Three times the fun

Compton Players chose three very diverse one act plays for their Spring production. The first, Bill and Bob, written and directed by H Connolly, a member of the Players, was a study of two couples’ relationships.
Well written, funny and dramatic, it explored complex themes within the couples lives. Art reflects life they say, and sometimes the dialogue was explicit, but the actors equipped themselves well and were well rehearsed. Tom (Mike Long), Bill (Dave Hawkins), Maureen (Mary Warrington), Jane (Tracey Pearce) and H Connolly are to be congratulated on engaging and effective piece of original theatre.

The second act brought us Green Favours by Frank Vickery, a two hander, with Mark Bailey and Brenda Prior as Tom and Valerie, brought together in the unlikely setting of an allotment shed. Tom has persuaded the gardening club to accept Valerie as its first femail member. Tom has left his wife, however, and has more than gardening on his mind. In the charged atmosphere of a thunderstorm, complete with a rain lashed window, the characters work through their mutual attraction to a ‘what the hell’ final clinch. With a super set and effects, the actors portrayed their roles well under the direction of Tracey Pearce.

In total contrast, the final play was Pyramus and Thisbe, an extract from A Midsummer NIght’s Dream by William Shakespeare. It was a delightful cosutmed piece, directed by Eric Saxton, in which The Court were entertained by the players in a highly humorous version of Pyramus and Thisbe. The Court was Ian Hickling and Enid Farr as a commanding Theseus and Hippolyta and Paul Shave as Philostrate. The players were Eric Saxton as the rustic Prologue, Nick Roberts as the hammy Pyramus, Jasmine Gartshore as Thisbe, Faye McGeehin as Wall, Peter Whitworth as Moonshine and Michael Sheperia as Lion.

The evening lived up to its title of an Entertainment Triple Bill, and all three plays were well received by the Compton audience.


Dave Hawkins’ cartoon for Green Favours

Dave Hawkins' cartoon for Green Favours