At Mrs Beam’s

by C K Munro

1st – 2nd March 1949

A pair of swindlers fleece the comic cross section of idiosyncratic residents in Mrs Beam’s boardinghouse.

The Cast

Miss Shoe: Miss P Pearson
Miss B Piper
Mr A Walton
Miss Cheezle: Mrs F Maskell
Mrs Babb: Mrs G Johns
Mr Durrows: Mr E Golby
B Hill
N Pearse
J Bishop
G Smith
Mr E Hill

Produced by Mr H J Johns

Newbury Weekly News review

Compton Players’ success

In Two-Night Comedy

For the second production the Compton Players presented the three-act comedy At Mrs Beam’s, by C K Munro in the village Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

This well-knit play gave ample opportunity for individual characterisation. The part of the loquacious busybody, Miss Shoe, was well sustained by Miss P Person; and Miss B Piper and Mr A Walton rose above the amateur portrayal of cosmopolitan crooks.

Of the remaining inmates of Mrs Beam’s boarding house, “old Miss Cheezle” was amusingly played by Mrs F Maskell, while Mrs G Johns gave a realistic presentation of the incredulous bridge fiend, Mrs Babb. The dreamy, middles-aged toper, Mr Durrows, was in the safe hands of Mr E Golby. Other parts were well taken by Misses B Hill and N Pearse, and Messrs J Bishop and G Smith, the latter giving a thoughtful study of calf love. The Notting Hill Gate establishment was most adequately conducted by Mr E Hill. The play was produced by Mr H J Johns.