The Last Dragon

by Dave Hawkins

25th – 27th January 1990

Another of our home-grown pantomimes from the pen of Dave Hawkins, in which Cuffy and his faithful Snurgle go in search of the Last Dragon, but will they succeed?

Dragon Prog

The Cast

Cuffy’s Mum: Dave Stamp
Cuffy: Helen Saxton
Sergeant-at-Arms: Mike Long
Person-at-Arms: Sarah Illman
Baron Tightwad: Ian Hickling
Goliath : H Connolly
King Arthur: Brian Bailey
Princess Linaria: Tracey Brett
Bloss: Mary Warrington
Norris: Robertson Bell
Cook / Witch Watt: Brenda Prior
Voice of Shadrach: Eric Saxton

Produced by Mike Long

Newbury Weekly News review

Spectacle on a small scale

The storyline centred on the Quest for the Last Dragon and in true fairy-tale fashion Good finally triumphed over Evil for a happy ending. Dave Hawkins’ script had some fine moments of comedy, and the characters were diverse and well created by a talented cast under the direction of Mike Long. Occasionally the scenes seemed a little wordy, but the presentation was imaginative and much thought had gone into the simple staging.

In the guise of Cuffy’s Mum and in charge of the music was Dave Stamp. I would like to have seen more of this character as she only appeared in the first scene and much potential was wasted. As the hero, Helen Saxton made a charming Cuffy, and Princess Linaria was played with strength by Tracey Brett. Looking exactly right as Baron Tightwad, the villain of the piece, was Ian Hickling. As his henchman Goliath, H. Connolly was hilariously funny, and nearly stole the show.

Good and Evil were represented by Bloss (Good), played in amusing alcoholic style by Mary Warrington and Witch Watt (Evil) impressively acted by Brenda Prior. More evil came in the form of Norris, a Quasimodo-style character expertly portrayed by Robertson Bell. King Arthur was played by Brian Bailey who created a likeable, humorous character. Guarding the Palace was Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Long with his assistant Sarah Illman.