Quiet Weekend

by Esther McCracken

6th – 7th March 1951

A family try to relax during a weekend holiday in the country but are constantly irritated by the unpleasant friend of their eldest son.

Quiet Weekend
Back Row L:R Geoffrey Smith, Elsie Thomas, H J Johns, Shirley Samuels, Alec Walton, David Dall, Iza Dolan, Peter Monger, Colin Pearse, Florence Maskell
Seated L:R Joyce Webb, Gladys Johns, Edith Hill, Janet Pearse

The Cast

Sam Pecker: Colin Pearse
Mary Jarrow: Edith Hill
Miranda Bute: Janet Pearse
Sally Spender: Shirley Samuels
Mildred Royd: Gladys Johns
Arthur Royd: Alec (Andy?) Walton
Bella Hitchens: Florence Maskell
Marcia Brent: Joyce Wells
Adrian Barasford: David Dall
Jim Brent: Geoffrey Smith
Ella Spender: Elsie Thomas
Denys Royd: Peter Monger
Rowena Marriott: Isa Dolan

Produced by Mr H J Johns

Newbury Weekly News review

Compton players, presenting Quiet Weekend by Esther McCracken on Tuesday and Wednesday last week in the Village Hall, had large and appreciative audiences. Staging difficulties were commendably overcome and the liveliness and speed of action were well maintained. The week-end cottage owners, Mr and Mrs Royd, were played with assurance by Alec Walton and Gladys Johns. Their near neighbour, Adrian Barasord, J.P., a diffident, middle-aged bachelor involved in a discreditable poaching incident, was most entertainingly portrayed by David Dall. The lady of his affections, Mary Jarrow, was quietly and effectively characterised by Edith Hill.

The parts of Jim and Marcia Brent, the son-in-law and daughter of the Royds, with their golfing and holiday differences, were nicely sustained by Geoffrey Smith and Joyce Wells. The garrulous village concert organiser, Ella Spender, was played by Elsie Thomas. Worthy of particular notice were Janet Pearse and Peter Monger, who sincerely portrayed the tender love between Miranda Bute and Denys Royd; a love temporarily overshadowed by the blandishments of Rowena Marriott, suavely expressed by Isa Dolan. Minor parts were completely filled by Colin Pearse, as Sam Pecker, the handyman; Shirley Samuels, as Sally Spender, a tom-boy schoolgirl, and Florence Maskell as the family servant.

The play was produced by Mr H J Johns. The Players earn commendation for the high quality of the material they put before their public and the general excellence of their productions.