A Lady Mislaid

by Kenneth Horne

18th – 20th May 1961

A Lady Mislaid tells the intriguing and funny tale about the lives and loves of two sisters. Esther and her sibling Jennifer, who is recovering from a nervous breakdown, escape to a house in the country in the hope of living in serene tranquillity for a while.

But all is not as they expected it to be, as a problem with their new home and the arrival of a suspicious stranger shatters their quest for peace.

A Lady Mislaid

The Cast

Mrs Small: Iza Dolan
Jennifer: Marion Wellstead
Esther: Beryl Braidley
Bullock: Richard Twigg
Visitor: Peter Monger
George: Michael Beck
Young Woman: Josie Langdon

Produced by Frank Meakins

Newbury Weekly News review

Compton Players in holiday comedy

A Lady Mislaid by Kenneth Horne, as presented by Compton Players, proved good holiday entertainment with its element of comedy and mystery.

Two young sisters, having decided to take a house in the country, find anything but the peace and quiet they expect.

Almost everyone who saw this year’s production was unanimous that it was an extremely polished performance with all the players giving their best. Many hours must have been spent rehearsing, but the results were richly rewarding. The tempo never slackened keeping the audience in a constant state of expectancy.

In the company were Iza Dolan, Marion Wellstead, Beryl Braidley, Richard Twigg, Peter Monger, Michael Beck and Jose Langdon.

The producer, Frank Meakins, was generous in his appreciation of the behind the scenes brigade – O Brown, P Palfrey, A Palmer, A Mackenzie, D Poole and V Meakins.

The first recorded instance of The Compton Players’ tradition of signing programmes after a performance!
A Lady Mislaid programme