The Amorous Prawn

by Anthony Kimmins

3rd – 5th May 1967

This British light comedy tells the story of the wife of an Army general; having fallen upon hard times, she hits upon a scheme to raise some quick cash. She opens her husband’s highland headquarters to visiting salmon fishermen, a circumstance that displeases the general when several of those anglers turn out to be handsome young men…

The Cast

Corporal Sydney Green: Peter Monger
Private Biddy O’Hara, W.R.A.C.: Pat Stone
Private Suzie Tidmarsh, W.R.A.C.: Molly Gray
Lady Fitzadam: Margaret Pilkington
Major-General Sir Hamish Fitzadam, K.B.E., C.B., D.S.O.: Eric Saxton
Private Albert Evans: Tom Stephens
Private Willie Maltravers: Roger Gray
Sam Goulansky: Dickie Greenfield
Larry Hoffman: John Thomas
The Prawn: Tony Mudd
Uncle Joe: Frank Meakins

Produced by Frank Meakins

Newbury Weekly News review

Compton Players succeed

The Compton Players presented their annual production on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, choosing Anthony Kimmins’ comedy The Amorous Prawn. The well-chosen cast gave an excellent portrayal of the most peculiar Command of the British Army that ever drew pay for their services.

Eric Saxton as Major-Gen. Sir Hamish Fitzadam with a 40-year service record who becomes infuriated with “red tape” and conspires with his charming and elegant wife (Margaret Pilkington) to turn his official residence into a guest house, gave a very convincing performance.

Their squad of five consisted of Peter Monger, Tom Stephens, Roger Gray, Pat Stone and Molly Gray and each one brought the character to life with good acting and enthusiasm.

Tom Stephens’ drunken rendering of “Gunga Din,” in the presence of “The Prawn” – alias the Secretary of State for War (Tony Mudd) – almost brought the roof down.

Dick Greenfield and John Thomas as the visiting Americans and Frank Meakins who also produced the play, kept up the high standard of acting. It is certain that the audience all eagerly await the Comton players’ next production.