The Lady’s not for Burning

by Christopher Fry

24th – 26th October 1968

Set in “1400, either more or less or exactly,” in a clamorous medieval town, an accused witch praying to escape the flames and a cynical soldier begging for the noose find salvation in each other.

The Cast

Richard (an orphaned clerk): Mark Robinson
Thomas Mendip ( a discharged soldier): Jonathon Hames
Alizon Eliot: Pauline Richards
Nicholas Devize: David Jessett
Margaret Devize (mother of Nicholas ): Louise Stanlake
Humphrey Devize (brother of Nicholas): Peter Monger
Hebble Tyson (the Mayor): Graham Lawrence
Jennet Jourdemayne: Katherine Jones
The Chaplain: Ernest Golby
Edward Tappercoom (a Justice): Roger Gray
Matthew Skipps: Eric Saxton

Produced by Eric Saxton