The Return of Prince Bumpo

by Dave Hawkins

January 1996

Bumpo Prog

The Cast

King Grumbold the Grey, King of Rafflestan: Eric Saxton
Queen Maude: Caroline Cook
Boot, a jester: Paul Plested
Baron Catchpenny, a Chancellor: Robertson Bell
Lady Cassandra, his personal assistant: Tracey Brett
Hood, a notorious Outlaw: Edward Eyston
Stocking, another Outlaw: Debbie Brimacombe
Wat, a Minstrel: Nick Roberts
Dame Agnes Ferrett, a onetime Landowner: Paul Shave
Ophelia, her daughter: Ali Grounds
Rent Collector: Brian Bailey
Zip, a Chambermaid: Laura Fletcher / Rebecca Warrington
Fairy Godmother: Enid Farr
Diverse Set-changers, Ball guests and Things: Scott Hulme, Alec Farr, Mark Bailey, Rebecca Warrington, Laura Fletcher, Brenda Prior, Mary Warrington, Ian Hickling, H Connolly, James White-Cooper

Produced by Mary Warrington and Dave Hawkins

Newbury Weekly News review

Panto with a difference

One way to keep warm on a cold wintry evening last week was to join in the fun at the Coronation Hall where the Players were energetically presenting their original pantomime, written by member Dave Hawkins.

As a change from the traditional, the author had skilfully crafted his pantomime in the form of an amusing fairy tale with plenty of opportunity to boo and hiss and cheer as nasty villains, outlaws, heroes and heroines, King and Queen, Fairy Godmother and, of course the much-loved Dame bounded about before us. There was also a character called Zips (sister of Buttons, get it?), a teenage slang-speaking female punk convincingly played by Rebecca Warrington and Laura Fletcher on alternative nights.

Paul Plested as Boot the Court Jester won the hearts of the audience right from the start and easily persuaded us to join in the obligatory shouting, singing and witty heckling throughout the performance.

The set had been skilfully designed and constructed and the many scene changes were expertly handled throughout. Wardrobe mistress Kathy Shaw is to be congratulated for designing and creating a very colourful and interesting wardrobe. All the costumes added much to the characters and worked well on stage.

Accompanied by local musicians Pete Fry and David Stephens, the cast consisted of almost the entire Compton Players’ membership, including many new members who made impressive debuts. It is impossible to mention all the cast individually but each member put in a convincing performance and the teamwork and sense of fun on stage was a joy to watch.

A most enjoyable production. Congratulations to the Compton Players and especially to co-producers Mary Warrington and Dave Hawkins. Look forward to the next one!