Another NODA drama award!

We are delighted that our production of The Ladykillers has been awarded a  NODA Drama Accolade of Excellence. The awards ceremony is on Sunday 19th April in The Electric Theatre, Guildford.

This follows our previous successes with NODA awards for Richard III and our two-play production of The Promise and Murdering at the Vicarage.

Looking forward to spring

The play is cast, rehearsals have started and we’re raring to go. It’s our Spring Production: Beyond a Joke by Derek Benfield, from 29th April to 2nd May.

If you’ve seen our last productions – Bothered and Bewildered and The Ladykillers – you’ll know that we take complex, multi-level sets in our stride. Well, this is another split set, but it’s all at ground level, inside and outside a house. Expect some photos as rehearsals progress.


When we decided to put on Gail Young’s play Bothered and Bewildered as our 2019 autumn production we weren’t sure how the tricky subject of Alzheimer’s disease would be received by our audience. Although the audience numbers were down a little (we blame Strictly, X Factor and the rain!), the reactions from our audience were very positive, and there was an excellent review from the Newbury Weekly News.

We’re very pleased with the production. A big thankyou to our audience for their donations to the Alzheimer’s Society, to which we added £1 for every ticket sold, making a grand total of £361.95.

You can see the Newbury Weekly News review here.

Our Autumn Production

Eric Saxton directed Bothered and Bewildered by Gail Young from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd November about one woman’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.

The five main characters are all women, and all experienced CP actors: Liz Saxton, Brenda Prior, Mary Warrington, Ann Griffiths and Naomi Read.

Bothered and Bewildered poster