Our Next Production

Evil Will Come

by Alexi Stonehouse

London. 1947. Philip Mackinder is dead. His wife has shot him. In Evil Will Come, a homage to Agatha Christie, a court hears the evidence, and we see the events leading up to the fateful night. What could have driven a respectable pillar of the community to commit such an evil act?


The Cast

Catherine Mackinder: Helen Saxton
Philip Mackinder: Pete Watt
Mr Justice Wargrave: Eric Saxton
Patrick Ridgeway KC: Paul Shave
Constable Thomas Redfern: George Buckland
Mrs Lena Croft: Liz Saxton

* * * * * *

It’s been a long time but we haven’t forgotten about Beyond a Joke and we’re planning to have it as our Spring production in 2022.

Beyond a Joke

by Derek Benfield

Due to the lockdown, the Compton Players Committee have been forced to cancel our 2020 Spring production of Beyond a Joke. We had hoped to revive it in the autumn, but cast commitments and hall availability have meant that isn’t possible and the lockdowns have stopped us from doing it in 2021. BUT we hope to resurrect it as our Spring production next year, 2022.

Jane and Andrew’s pleasant country house is accident prone. Six people have already died there in unfortunate and embarrassing accidents. When daughter Sally’s young man Geoff arrives for the weekend unaware of the house’s reputation, he mistakenly deduces from conversational confusion that the deaths were due to sinister circumstances.
Beyond a Joke poster

The Cast
Jane: Ann Griffiths
Andrew: Chris Kendrick
Geoff: George Buckland
Sally: Lauren Eeley
Sarah: Mary Warrington
Vicar: Alan Johnson
Audrey: Lynne Buckland
Edgar: Ian Hickling

Directed by Brenda Prior